I am not a business owner what can online reputation management do for me?

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There are many politicians, poets, writers and so on that utilize online reputation management processes and services to get hold of their own public image instead of letting it be decided at random by a search engine.

There are negative articles and blogs that have negative comments about my business what should I do?

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First thing first do not take any emotional decisions just yet. Alternatively you can contact us to have a representative talk to you about your situation. We will aid you to assess the present situation and we will tailor an action plan according to your specific needs to meet your goals.

If you need further assistance you can contact some of our clients directly and discuss with them what we have offered them when they were in a similar situation.

How much would it cost me and how long it would take?

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Each business has a different online presence a different degree on engagement with the their online customers. Imagine that there are different action plans that have to be tailored for a business that selling online is their primary function (such as an e-shop) than a business that uses their online presence as a marketing tool. However lacking of specific guidelines and processes towards online reputation management would harm them both in case of negative stories online. The action plan schedule varies accordingly depending on specific needs that are different for each customer.

How could I incorporate an online reputation management process?

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Every potential customer is different and has different needs. Q base R&D treats each customer separately according to his own needs. Initially the present situation is assessed and we state clearly the goals and schedule within which the goals should be met. At this stage communicating with the client is very important so we can reiterate the present situation and revise the goals. Next we develop the infrastructure and start incorporating processes back to the public relations departments of the company.

Why should I invest in online reputation management?

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This point can be clarified using the following example: imagine you are the business owner of a brand that uses its sells its products either in retail or wholesale using a very well designed website. On the other hand there are discussions taking place in the Internet with negative comments since certain bloggers are dissatisfied with the level of service they received. Well, negative news travel faster than good news so other bloggers reproduce the story and the mention of your brand with negative comments grows exponentially.

What is online reputation management (ORM)?

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Online reputation management is the set of actions and processes that are required so that the brand name or products of a company is correctly marketed online. With the raise of social web and social media, such as blogs, the reputation of a company or its products does not follow the traditional straightforward way of mass media and marketing campaigns. There are bloggers that may be discussing your brand right at this moment adding positive or negative comments.

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