Why should I invest in online reputation management?

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This point can be clarified using the following example: imagine you are the business owner of a brand that uses its sells its products either in retail or wholesale using a very well designed website. On the other hand there are discussions taking place in the Internet with negative comments since certain bloggers are dissatisfied with the level of service they received. Well, negative news travel faster than good news so other bloggers reproduce the story and the mention of your brand with negative comments grows exponentially. A potential customer is interested on buying some of your products wholesale and searches your brand in a search engine. Your brand is first on the results page but some negative stories and comments appear underneath. That potential customer already has a negative disposition towards your brand or your products without even getting in contact with you or experience what you have to offer.

Online reputation management develops the infrastructure and processes that are needed so that you can get hold of your public image and your brand name or products online instead of being decided randomly by a search engine.