E-shop development

Q base R&D can aid you to develop your own on-line shop from building the basic infrastructure to advanced marketing campaigns utilising latest trends in online marketing. E-shops are similar to regular websites but allow money transactions for selling goods. By choosing Q base R&D to develop your e-shop you get all the advantages that we offer:

  • Hosting of your e-shop in self-owned servers
  • Direct and immediate problem solving
  • Development of a search engine friendly e-shop
  • Design and development of your e-shop according to your true requirements

We host our projects in self-owned servers in one of the largest datacenters in Europe. We have full control of our machines and we don not resort in third parties for support. We can guarantee the lowest reaction time to your problems at a lower cost. The design and development of your e-shop is performed according to your true requirements using the most advanced software and server configurations for money transaction safety. The basic version of an e-shop provides a solid infrastructure that can be used to develop additional services to market your products on-line.

In case you already own an e-shop and are interested to market your products on-line visit our on-line marketing page to learn how Q base R&D can help you grown your on-line business. You can also learn on how to manage you online identity and brand name by visting our Online Reputation Management (ORM) page.